HEAT Committee

The Mount Isa Heat Swim Club is managed by an Executive and a General Committee, collectively known as the Committee.

Performing all the roles required to run a club successfully is the responsibility of the Committee, and a dedicated group of parent helpers whose valuable assistance makes things possible.

We appreciate there are many people who wish to help in the running of the Club but do not necessarily want to be on the Committee. Should you wish to help, but not be on the Committee, you can complete a Role Nomination form to be given to any Committee member.

If you have any queries talk to a current Committee member or email the Club at mountisaheat@gmail.com.

Executive Committee                                                     General Committee

President :     Kim Higgs                                                           Head Timekeeper  :  Julie Hutchinson

Vice President : Dave Norton                                               Race Meet Secretary :  Jo Piggott

Secretary : Maree Carland                                                      Uniforms :  Megan Corrigan

Treasurer : Christine Katoa                                                    Fundraising Coordinator : Kim Higgs

Registrar : Cathy Norton                                                         Media :  Brian Rodriquez/Kim Higgs

Coach : Brian Rodriquez


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